Welcome to StrategyMetrics, a webbased platform with customized dashboards, currently in beta version, aiming to help business schools and universities in their continous improvement challenges. StrategyMetrics aimes to support the strategic dialogues in business schools and universities with an evidence based approach. The platform contains online intelligence and analytics tools designed to get a better understanding of the performance of business schools and universities, based on outcomes of rankings and other datasources, and to compare performance with relevant other institutions. We use data available on public websites as input for our analytics. We enrich data with curation and normalization procedures to make StrategyMetrics a professional facility. StrategyMetrics aims to become an efficient joint industrywide source of analytics for the business schools and universities, working from an open science mindset and with a responsible earningmodel. 



In the online platform, we distinguish 3 types of analytics:

  1. Ranking overviews: Compare your School with Peers and Competitors. This section contains transparent visuals and statistics on how schools or universities score on rankings over time.
  2. Benchmark analyses: Define your School’s strengths and weaknesses. This section helps to make comparison analyses to get a more in-depth insight in specific performances of schools in comparison with other institutions.
  3. Custom analytics: Lead your School’s strategy with Smart Data Processes. Based on the specific strategic needs of schools or universities, we can build customized analytics dashboards, connecting ranking data to other relevant data sources provided by the client or aqcuired from external data sources.

Type 1 and 2 are part of a generic license model with an annual fee. For custom analytics we work project driven for individual institutions.

Contact us to enquire about the possibilities for custom analyses for your school or university. You can of course also contact us if you have any other questions about this website.